Plastics Properties

Below are tables of common plastics materials' properties.

Item Full Name Density Processing Temperature Mechanic Property Applications
ABS Acrylonitrile-Butadene-Styrene 1.07 160-274 °C Easy to plating, good compact resistance toy, housing
PA Polyamide (Nylon) 1.15 190-350 °C Good toughness and wearing tire, rope
PC Polycarbonate 1.2 220-230 °C Water resistance, climate resistance glass, tube
PE Polyethylene 0.93 80-90 °C Chemical resistance, brittless toy, cable, bag
PP Polypropylene Resin 0.9 100-110 °C Good toughness, Chemical resistance hinge
PVC Polyvinly Chloride 1.38 65-75 °C Cheaper, softer, chemical resistance tank, pipe, shoe
PS Polystyrene 1.05 85-105 °C Good toughness, thermal resistance electronics, toy


Mechanical Properties of Plastics

  Tensile Strength (Mpa) Impact Strength( ft-lb) Maximum Temperature Minimum Temperature Melting Point Hard-ness HB
ABS 30 6 80°C -20°C 105°C R110
HDPE 22.1~31.0 N/A 120°C -100°C 130°C SD65
LDPE 8.3~31.4 5 80°C -50°C 120°C SD55
Nylon 6/6 70 1 99°C -70°C° 216°C SD95
PC 60 8 121°C -40°C 121°C R75
POM 60 4 80°C -40°C 160°C R107
PP 31.0~41.4 22.7 135°C 0°C 170°C R95
PVC 45 2 70°C -25°C 80°C R105